There’s a reason chocolate and champagne go well together.

What is Light Language?

Light Language practitioners carry these geometric symbols in our auric fields naturally and are able to read and understand this language of light and assist our clients in re-creating their geometric blueprint. Light Language can be described as what our thoughts and reality look like at their core blueprint.  When we break down reality into its basic geometric patterns we learn that each shape and color is like a sacred language. These symbols create the life that we are experiencing and attracting to ourselves.  If you want to change your health, your life situation, your career, your outlook on life, or your emotions, a practitioner can read your auric light language and then reconstruct it into a new energetic blueprint.


A grid is like a prayer or a request that is written using sacred geometry and colored light, the language of thought. Grids attract energies. When we write grids we are letting God/ Creator/ the Universe/Source know exactly what we want in a way that is very clear. Particular shape and color combinations are chosen depending on what it is you want to manifest or create with that particular grid. There are rules and guidelines that are followed when writing grids, using information taught to me and that I have permission teach to others.


LL1:  At the Beginning level we use 7-shaped sequences and consciously create what we desire in our lives. Learn to recognize how we use color and geometry in our every day language, thoughts, and behavior. Make instant and long-lasting changes in yourself and your environment with the 7-shape grids. Change the energy of a building, a room, or your office. This course builds a firm foundation in Light Language. (No prerequisites.)


LL2:  Write 49 shape intermediate grids for yourself and others to create LOVE, CASH, LIFE PURPOSE and more. Write humanitarian grids to support communities, the environment and the earth. Learn powerful grids for the healing of over 200 dis-eases. (LL1 Required.)


LL3:  Learn advanced sequences of 80 SACRED GEOMETRIES and 144 COLORS to create new blueprints for your life. Learn powerful grid work for healing life-challenging dis-eases. Create God grids to serve the world. (LL1 & 2 required.)

Contact Pearl Bertrand by email (, phone (801-602-3000), or fax (801-723-3993). Brought to you by Academy of Energy Healers.


Light Language 1 : Beginning Mayan Sacred Geometry

Duration : 4 hours in English 
Method : Private/group in person workshops or online
Material : 53-page manual included
Prerequisite : None

From the Curandera’s of Mexico comes this powerful tool in using the language of light and color through sacred geometry. At the beginning level, you will learn to combine the energies of specific shapes and colors in 7-shape/color grid sequences to align and strengthen the energies of the human chakra system, and auras of places, and objects. By reshaping your aura, you will step into becoming more empowered or a more powerful light worker. In this class you will learn to recognize color and geometry in your language, thoughts, and behavior. Through this knowledge you can set grids for your own personal growth, a room, building or your home and office. Using these grids you consciously create intent that can result in instant and long-lasting changes in yourself and your environment!This course builds a firm foundation in Light Language. 

Sacred Cacao Ceremony – 
Opening the Door to Personal Transformation


Traditionally prepared ceremonial cacao is a magical and sacred treat.  It is not at all like drinking a regular cup of hot chocolate.  It’s a strong and powerful drink, mixed with spices, to awaken the energetic properties of cacao Madeleine was trained by Master Teacher & Healer Brook Still of the Creation Center in Los Angeles, CA, who learned this with Shamans in South America Madeleine prepares it with special blessings and prayers offered up to Yolotl Etzli, the spirit of the plant itself.  Doing this makes the concoction extremely powerful in aiding those who participate in the sacred ceremony, to open their heart and connect more fully for, deep shamanic journeying, inner work, and creative expression.  Unlike a hallucinogenic, cacao takes you to the door of your awakening and offers you the opportunity to walk through it yourself, without forcing you.  It is a gentle and magnificent healer.

Sacred ceremonial cacao is prepared in such a way that, the properties of it alone increases blood flow to the brain by 30-40%, and the actual oxygen in the blood is also increased by 20%.  Along with this and the meditations and healing offered in this ceremony, you can greatly expand the energy of the heart center for deeper awareness, healing, joy and creativity.

We ask that if you have high blood pressure, heart issues, allergic to chocolate, are pregnant, or are prone to severe anxiety, that you do not participate in these ceremonies.  

Class Running Time: 2 Hours.  Signed class liability waivers are mandatory for this class.  
Rose Magic Sigil

Through the ages, in many cultures, the rose has been an important symbol of higher vibrational energy. The Rose energy will activate attributes, strengths, and connections within the universe that have been dormant in this lifetime in order to sprout and blossom, creating new life within, and allowing it to radiate outwardly.

Sigils are specialized high magic drawings that amplify and accelerate specific pieces of light for what you desire.  Rose Sigils can be used for anything, and especially when you want to rise above something, blossom, and connect into the ancient and sacred energy of the rose. Madeleine spends 1/2 hour in person or Skype with you, and then after the session ends, she constructs your Sigil and will send the completed Sigil to you.