Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

Advance Mayan Healing Mastery Intensive Retreat:

April 9-24 2018

“Welcome to Divine Intervention and to the natural splendor and the powerful frequencies of the Brazilian rainforest.

We are deeply honored to offer this course to you as the most powerful physical healing modality we have both ever experienced.

Your commitment to this work is sacred to us. We look forward to offering you every tool we have in supporting your personal transformation of self-mastery by stepping into the greatest role of healing service we know.

Welcome to the Intensive that will change your life!”


Visionary Art Retreat

With Keren-Or And Special Guest Teacher Carioca Freitas: May 13th-23rd, 2016, Ciranda, Brazil

Learn Intuitive Creativity and explore higher levels of consciousness through the wonderful journey of your authentic self expression.
This creative workshop will guide participants, using various techniques of meditation, ritual and magical practices, to get in touch with spiritual realities and develop skills and confidence in expressing through the medium of art.
Often inspired by altered states of consciousness, visionary artists co-create with spirit and transmit through the use of color and form.

Keren-or is a master in incorporating sacred geometry, magical colors and healing vibrations into her paintings. She will guide the participants into exploring mystical dimensions, strengthening their connection to spiritual guides and develop skills and confidence in expressing through the medium of art.

Carioca is a musician and composer who brings to his teachings the soul, humor and happiness of the Brazilian art of music.
There will be 4 White Nights ceremonies during the workshop.

Welcome! No prior artistic experience is required!!

“This is a real treat! A Fun and profound workshop full of creativity, inspiration and magic! The visions and blessings that are flowing through Keren-or Atariteaching are just priceless.You don’t need to have any artistic background, just the willingness to have fun and create!”

Ori Ohayon, Healer and Inspirational guide, Israel