Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

Advance Mayan Healing Mastery Intensive Retreat:

April 9-24 2018

“Welcome to Divine Intervention and to the natural splendor and the powerful frequencies of the Brazilian rainforest.

We are deeply honored to offer this course to you as the most powerful physical healing modality we have both ever experienced.

Your commitment to this work is sacred to us. We look forward to offering you every tool we have in supporting your personal transformation of self-mastery by stepping into the greatest role of healing service we know.

Welcome to the Intensive that will change your life!”


Intermediate Light Language

This class will be held March 22-23-24, 2017 online with Keren-Or Atari.

(10-12 hours class)

At the Intermediate level, you build on your conscious and subconscious knowledge of light. As you master a new level of Light Work, you learn to create in your aura powerful 49-shaped light grids for attracting to you specific situations, healings, and outcomes.  As you discover the patterns and obstacles that have been in your path, you are able to uncover the cause of your dis-ease, lack, or reason for not yet having what you would like to create.  In the teachings of the curanderos, there are nine different categories of causes, and nine areas of life to which they can be applied.  As you write yourself new light grids, you heal the cause and re-write the script in your life.

Light Language Grids can be created for yourself, for other individuals, or for your community.  There is much that can be done to create change in the world around you.  Whether it involves cleaning your city’s water supply, helping the homeless, improving education, or finding homes for animals, a grid can be written to create that healing or positive change.  As you align with the energies of a place or situation, and reconfigure the energies in accordance with the highest good of all concerned, you create healing and harmony on a larger scale.

Build on your abilities as a “presence healer.”  Every dis-ease has a shape or form.  In Intermediate Light Language, you learn to re-configure the form of the auric field by creating 49-shaped healing grids.  Each healing grid can be likened to an ongoing 49-chakra healing.  Once a grid is written, its energy continues to re-configure and re-form one’s energies for an ongoing period of time.  Learn the gridwork for the healing of over 200 dis-eases, as taught by the Mayans.  During this class you will also build these grids on a subconscious level in your own auric field, so that as you walk through life, anyone who enters into your presence and wants a healing will automatically receive a subconscious healing.

No healing experience is necessary to take this course.  Light Language is useful in any profession, in any walk of life.  Learn to construct a new wave for your reality, and create positive change for your community and the planet.

Course includes 250-page Intermediate Light Language manual.

For more information:  www.kerenoratari.com

Light Language – Mayan Sacred Geometry!

In this session, we create your personal 49-shaped Light Language Manifestation Grid to attract and manifest your desired goals.

Ancient Mayans understood Light Language as the cosmic conversation between the physical and etheric worlds. As a Universal Language, Light Language transcends the spoken word.

Light Language is known as ‘sacred geometry’  – the combination of geometric dimensional shapes and color rays. Geometry shapes and color rays are all around us in every form in the Universe. They carry a frequency energy that is both seen and felt by all living beings. The particles of information (the colors & shapes) are created from LIGHT WAVES and each combination has a unique message.

These sacred geometry shapes and colors create qualities, essences and messages that our subconscious mind is already trained to receive and understand. Shamans spoke to the Higher Realms through Light Language and were able to manifest on the physical earth plane based on the power of these orderly combinations of shapes and colors.

Light Language Manifestation Grid – 49 shapes
A 49-shaped Light Language grid is designed based on the specific goal or intent that an individual wants to emanate and manifest. Like a wordless prayer, the powerful grid of sacred geometry goes out to the Universe as light emanations that magnetize supportive energies back to the individual.

These Light Language emanations are clear and direct, unlike spoken affirmations that can carry clouded messages because of the limitations of the spoken word. Once set in motion, the Light Language grid is like a sonar call to the Universe, drawing in manifestations and experiences that resonate with the grid’s intent.

Have a 49-Shaped Light Language Manifestation Grid Created!
This personal session includes a 30-minute discussion of what goal/manifestation you would like to bring into your life experience. This can be a physical manifestation or healing, mental shift, emotional healing, or spiritual growth goal. Once the goal is decided upon, then together we will create your powerful statement that guides the intent for the Light Language Grid. (see examples are on the website)

Robin will create the 49-shaped Light Language Manifestation Grid, along with a brief description of the meanings of each of the shapes that were chosen for this emanation of attraction energy!

After you receive the PDF copy of your colorful grid and the explanation, it is already working! All you need to do is look at the grid as a whole and allow the images to penetrate into your aura. Do it once, and that is it! You can set the grid out in a place where you can see it often, or place it away in a binder. It it already doing its work in the Universe to magnetize these experiences to you.

Buy the session on Robin’s site for One (1) 49-shaped Light Language Manifestation Grid with one intent!
Robin will reach out via email to set up the appointment time with you.

See the web link above or visit www.RobinMorlock.com for more information.

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Luminous Consciousness Brain Activations
Scientists have identified the functions of the areas of our brain – how we analyze, remember, move a hand, and more, but the ancient Mayans understood the ‘mystical’ purposes of our brain regions.

Reawaken dormant or ‘low light’ areas of your brain to increase psychic awareness and abilities!
With 12 powerful Brain Activations of LIGHT, we fully activate esoteric abilities.
Discover which regions of the brain LIGHT UP when:

We are near Star Gates, Portals, and Vortices
We change dimensions
We receive intuition and psychic information
We are in contact with the Angelic Realm & Spirit Guides
We are communicating in the Cosmic Language of sacred Geometry; Light Language
And more in the healing and holistic realms!

Infusing Luminous LIGHT into the brain and brain stem results in more grounded and peaceful balance of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Learn about our “Mystical Brain” & receive 12 powerful Luminous Brain Activations in this 2.5-hour class!

Check out the web link above or see details at www.robinmorlock.com/
Class Options:
Individual session with Robin
Attend local or group class set up throughout the year
Set up your own group class! Contact Robin for discount rates and details

Email Robin with questions at: robin@robinmorlock.com