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  LIGHT LANGUAGE GRIDS   We are constantly radiating light and colours through our aura. The Curanderos teaches that we choose to consciously emanate specific colours and

The Galactic Heart Experience

  The Galactic Heart resonance chamber is a combination of sacred geometry, color, light, customized audio, crystals, gemstones and medicine wheel energies to help someone ma

Beginning Light Language Online Class

Beginning Light Language Class This class will be held March 21 online with Keren-Or Atari. (4-5 hours class) At the Beginning Light Language level, you learn to reshape your auri

Light Language l : Beginning Mayan Sacred Geometry

Duration : 4 hours in English  Method : Private/group in person workshops or online Material : 53-page .pdf manual included Prerequisite : None From the Curandera’s o

Advanced Principals & High Magic for Light Language

Duration : 4 hours Method : Private or in person workshops or via Skype Material : Manual included Prerequisite : Beginning & Intermediate Light Language (LL 1 & 2)

Light Energy Weave

Light Energy Weave Duration : 3.5 hours in English Method : In person workshop or online Material : NoneLight Energy Weave is a simple, powerful and effective tool to disrupt

Streams of Light

  There are 7 streams of light, some of which may be strong and some of which may be weak or absent in one’s life. These streams are: love, nourishment, healing, connection, pu

Spirit Guides

SPIRIT GUIDES Would you like to know the names of your Spirit Guides? Curious about the four types of Spirit Guides? Do you wonder if your Guides are working with you daily? Spiri