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Divine Intervention Tennessee

Divine Intervention is one of the finest life transforming programs that you can attend. Look forward to deep personal healing and transformations in this 2 weeks retreat as w

Beginning Light Language Online Class

Beginning Light Language Class This class will be held March 21 online with Keren-Or Atari. (4-5 hours class) At the Beginning Light Language level, you learn to reshape your auri

Cord Cutting

Hundreds of invisible energetic cords exist and connect you with the people, places, and things around you. All cords consistently influence your energy. Whatever matters or has ma
August 25, 2016 Galactic Connection
E-Prime © 2005 Starr Fuentes As thoughts create your reality, the choice of your words create the way you manifest that reality. The choice of words direct the timeline [the time when the act will be... Read More
Spiritual Revolution 
Spiritual Revolution  © 2005 Starr Fuentes The words of the masters linger in the minds of the spiritual. The meaning and the use of these words linger between the gray area of having a concept and ... Read More

Breaking False Truths

Breaking False Truths In this transformational session, Anna Mae goes directly to the heart of the issue and uncovers the “False Truths” that sabotage our goals and desires. Ma