Beginning Light Language Online Class

Beginning Light Language Class

This class will be held March 21 online with Keren-Or Atari.

(4-5 hours class)

At the Beginning Light Language level, you learn to reshape your auric field and create a firm foundation in the Language of Light.  Learn to use color and sacred geometry to shape your activities.   Discover how to recognize color and sacred geometry in your language, thoughts, and behavior.  With Light Language you can shift the energy of just about any situation you encounter.  As you learn to re-shape your aura with color and sacred geometry, you become conscious of the subconscious choices you’ve been making.  With this new level of conscious knowledge, you can solidify the energies you wish to keep in your field and replace other energies, beliefs, and patterns with new vibrations.  Learn to magnetize to yourself what you truly desire.  Make instant and long-lasting changes in your self and your environment.

You will learn:

  • Ways to change or enhance the form in which cash comes to you.

  • How to attract or discern the type of relationship you desire, or enhance the energies of your current relationship.

  • How to choose the way you receive your psychic information and use your psychic abilities in different ways.

  • How to shape the energy of a room, space, or location.

  • How to use Light Language to increase self-confidence, release fears, build self-esteem, and more.

Course includes 46-page Beginning Light Language manual.

To register:

Hundreds of invisible energetic cords exist and connect you with the people, places, and things around you. All cords consistently influence your energy. Whatever matters or has mattered in your life that you have not let go of is corded to you. These cords influence you on your path in life. They can bring you to a full stop, pull you onto an inappropriate path, slow you down, or you can get tangled in the cords for the rest of your life. Without exception, the more cords you get rid of, the more energy you have, the deeper and the faster your healing.


Class may be taken in person in Salt Lake City, Utah or over Skype (pearlyg8z). Cost $120 USD.  Personal Sessions available for 175.00.  Contact Pearl Bertrand by email (, phone (801-602-3000), or fax (801-723-3993). Brought to you by Academy of Energy Healers.

Rose Magic Sigil

Through the ages, in many cultures, the rose has been an important symbol of higher vibrational energy. The Rose energy will activate attributes, strengths, and connections within the universe that have been dormant in this lifetime in order to sprout and blossom, creating new life within, and allowing it to radiate outwardly.

Sigils are specialized high magic drawings that amplify and accelerate specific pieces of light for what you desire.  Rose Sigils can be used for anything, and especially when you want to rise above something, blossom, and connect into the ancient and sacred energy of the rose. Madeleine spends 1/2 hour in person or Skype with you, and then after the session ends, she constructs your Sigil and will send the completed Sigil to you. 

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“Energetic” House Cleaning
Do you feel you have a ‘dust bunny’ of stagnant or dissonant energy in your home?
As an Intuitive Location Healer, Anna Mae tunes into the energies in and around the home area. With Divine guidance, Anna Mae taps into the organic ‘nature energies’ in the immediate area. Nature energies have a natural flow and rhythm, keeping all life-force energies in constant rejuvenation and growth.
The energy inside the home may be out of balance from the natural forces outside. Anna Mae assists in clearing, releasing and transforming the following types of life-draining energies from the home: stuck energies forms, multiple energies compressed in an area that are intertwined and need to be released, energetic trauma blasts that have occurred to the house or the immediate area, stagnant energy that has accumulated and is no longer in its normal flow, and diseased energy.
By the end of the session, the home and immediate area will be cleaned and refreshed so that the area inside the house matches the nature spirit energy outside of the house.

Like a fresh breeze that flows through your home, your area will feel like a whole new space!

Session information provided may include: adding stones or crystals to areas of the house, adding in diffused essential oils to the home, moving furniture, adding/removing fruit or flowers, and other methods of holistic location remedies.

• This is a distance session by U.S. phone or Skype.
• A photo of the outside of the home (or a particular room inside the house) will need to be sent via email at least three days prior to the session.

Session = $155
Anna Mae will begin working with the location prior to the session call. During the call, Anna Mae will provide information on the progress of the shifts and interior/exterior recommendations.

Anna Mae can be reached at or (503) 752-3657.
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Breaking False Truths

In this transformational session, Anna Mae goes directly to the heart of the issue and uncovers the “False Truths” that sabotage our goals and desires. Many times we may hold a belief system that interrupts or damages our relationships, work life and health. These thought forms are a like a stagnant energy, stuck in the physical and subtle body layers. With Divine Guidance, Anna Mae assists in removing the veil that hides the truth, the “False Truth” we are saying over and over to our inner self.

As an Intuitive Healer, Anna Mae quickly pinpoints the unproductive self-lie and removes the veil. Once the veil is removed, the energy bodies and physical body are able to release this thought form and accept the “Divine Truth” for a return to wholeness and health.


Session offered in-person and distance (Skype or U.S. Phone)

60 minute session = $65

90 minute session = $92

Price difference added for traveling to the client in Portland, Oregon area


Anna Mae can be reached at or (503) 752-3657.

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