Inner Laws and the Catalan Solids Class

Inner Laws and the Catalan Solids Class

This class will be held July 10-11, 2017 in Ibiza, Spain with Keren-Or Atari.

The Catalan solids class teaches us to be in alignment with each of the 12 INNER LAWS, with whom we are in deep conviction and in resonance with in our life. The inner laws shapes our decisions as well as the direction that relationships often unfold for us.
When we accept and own a new Inner Law it would present itself as a valuable learning tool for our growth and development, by being in alignment with our authentic self.
Once you have received the downloads, you can use the shapes to support your 49 shape grids.
Manual is provided.

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Beginning Light Language Class

This class will be held March 21 online with Keren-Or Atari.

(4-5 hours class)

At the Beginning Light Language level, you learn to reshape your auric field and create a firm foundation in the Language of Light.  Learn to use color and sacred geometry to shape your activities.   Discover how to recognize color and sacred geometry in your language, thoughts, and behavior.  With Light Language you can shift the energy of just about any situation you encounter.  As you learn to re-shape your aura with color and sacred geometry, you become conscious of the subconscious choices you’ve been making.  With this new level of conscious knowledge, you can solidify the energies you wish to keep in your field and replace other energies, beliefs, and patterns with new vibrations.  Learn to magnetize to yourself what you truly desire.  Make instant and long-lasting changes in your self and your environment.

You will learn:

  • Ways to change or enhance the form in which cash comes to you.

  • How to attract or discern the type of relationship you desire, or enhance the energies of your current relationship.

  • How to choose the way you receive your psychic information and use your psychic abilities in different ways.

  • How to shape the energy of a room, space, or location.

  • How to use Light Language to increase self-confidence, release fears, build self-esteem, and more.

Course includes 46-page Beginning Light Language manual.

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Light Energy Weave

Duration : 3.5 hours in English
Method : In person workshop or online
Material : NoneLight Energy Weave is a simple, powerful and effective tool to disrupt our patterns in order for us to heal.Often we have thoughts, ideas, inspiration and most importantly our spiritual calling that are very much present on the spiritual plane, and yet for many the mental and emotional patterns get in the way and when this happens it can sabotage the very things that our soul is inspiring us to create.

For the Light Energy Weave to be effective, we don’t have know what exactly that mental/emotional stuff is. The Weave will weave right through the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and material planes and goes straight into the DNA, thereby assisting us to move through and bypass the mental and emotional stuff that gets in our way of being the brightest light we can be.

A potent class where you will learn 3 different ways of weaving :-  1) on yourself   2) on others using a hands-on technique and        3) distance healing.

Learn to weave matter into spirit and spirit into matter . Even after a weaving session is complete, the weaving continues. Receive the Master Spiral Activation and bring your desires into manifestation more easily, gently and quickly.

Some of the many benefits people have experienced :
1) Feeling uplifted
2) Able to have good sleep
3) Pain goes
4) Emotional clearing
5) Manifesting of specific projects

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