Refund Policy


Refund Policy company provides the web site as a service to the public and web site owners.  

There are three categories of sales connected with this site: 

  • Products sold directly from 
  • Products sold indirectly through a third party link offered by a Teacher or Healer participating on this site, 
  • Services sold through such as online classes, local classes, and webinars and healing sessions. 

Refund Policy for Products sold directly from 

All products sold from web site are non-refundable. This includes digital products as well as tangible goods.  

Purchasers of digital products are responsible for having a system capable of receiving the product and the software ability to open it (Kindle books, eBooks, PDF and word docs, podcasts, digital recordings and video recordings as examples). 

If a digital product has a defect, it will be replaced by within 90 days of purchase. If a product does not download or deliver properly due to a defect on the side of web site, all reasonable attempts will be made to provide the product to the purchaser. If that fails, a full refund will be provided.  

Tangible goods are non-refundable and will be replaced if the product received is severely damaged in transit or defective in an operating manner. 

Refund Policy for Products sold indirectly through a third party link 

All products sold through a third party link are the full responsibility of that third party website owner. Refund policies are first enforced based on the third party website policy, and thereafter are enforced by web site Refund Policy company and web site are committed to working with ethical and responsible Teachers and Healers. If a purchaser has a defective product (digital or tangible) that was purchased through a third party web site from one of current Teachers or Healers, all reasonable efforts will be made to assist the purchaser in receiving a working or undamaged (through transit) product. Ultimate responsibility for the product lies with the third party web site vendor. 

Refund Policy for Services sold through web site 

All purchases of Services on site (local class enrollment, online class enrollment, online webinars, and individual sessions) are non-refundable.  

The only refundable circumstances: 

  • The service to be offered is cancelled prior to its scheduled event. 
  • The participant has extenuating circumstances (serious illness, death in family, etc.) These circumstances will be reviewed on an individual basis with and the associated Teacher or Healer offering the service. 

Transfer of Paid Service 

With prior notice to and the associated Teacher or Healer offering the service, it is possible to transfer a paid service to another client. These situations would be reviewed prior to the start of the scheduled event by all parties involved. The original purchaser will be responsible to manage all contact requests with concerning the transfer. The original purchaser will be responsible for providing the name, phone number and email address of the ‘new’ client the service is to be transferred to. will contact the ‘new’ client for the transfer of the service. In the event that the ‘new’ client does not respond to contact attempts by, the original purchaser will be informed. If the event passes and the ‘new’ client did not attend the event nor did the original purchaser of the event attend the event, no refund shall be provided.  

Purchaser Responsibility to Be Informed 

It will be assumed that the purchaser of any products or services associated with this site,, will have fully read and fully comprehends this stated Refund Policy.  

As always, strives for a thriving and engaged community, and company and web site is committed to providing excellent products and services to the public. is also committed to working with all purchasers/buyers/clients/students and our participating current Teachers and Healers to find solutions should any issues arise with the sale and distribution of products and services.  

Please read our DISCLAIMER POLICY concerning defective manufactured products and the responsible use of those products and services. 

Please read our PRIVACY POLICY if there are questions concerning protected and private information involved in the sale of products and services. company and web site reserve the right to change the terms, conditions and notices of the REFUND POLICY at any time. 

Contacting the Web site 
Any and all questions about this REFUND POLICY may be directed to through the address below or by contacting our customer service department through our CONTACT FORM.
P.O. Box 472
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71902



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