Mayan Mastery


Let your light shine! 

The Ancient Mayans believed in Cosmic Connections


 Luminous Ambassadors Kimberli Ridgeway and Robin Morlock are excited to we bring you magnificent Mayan Healers sharing mysticism secrets, self-healing techniques and magical energy grids to fill your life with joy, love, success and happiness!

It is our joy to plug you into a huge LIGHT grid of spiritual wisdom, healing techniques, psychic awareness, global consciousness shifts, Light Language, DNA healings and so much more!

Join us in these fun interactive workshops where we bring you amazing Healers & Teachers who are excited to meet you and share their LIGHT. And they bring gifts to share with you during their talks that will help you infuse your grid with the highest vibration possible!


These webinars are more than just interviews!

 LIVE     PERSONAL    FREE    Interactive Workshops!

Have you felt the light dancing in your soul?

Are you realizing your dreams?

Are you recapturing youth and vitality?


If so, then this will further the evolution of your soul’s bright LIGHT!


IF NOT, then let us spark your inner LIGHT!  Bringing you closer to happiness, joy, success and love!


And it is FREE – come learn secrets from the Mayan Masters of LIGHT


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Reconnect with the Luminous Star within you!


Mayan Mastery Series


Webinars are only available for download for 48 hours after the live call!  Grab your seat, you don’t want to miss these calls!

Connect you with authentic and powerful Healers and Teachers from around the world.

Why let borders hold us back?



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