The Galactic Heart resonance chamber is a combination of sacred geometry, color, light, customized audio, crystals, gemstones and medicine wheel energies to help someone make the longest journ

The Galactic Heart Experience


The Galactic Heart resonance chamber is a combination of sacred geometry, color, light, customized audio, crystals, gemstones and medicine wheel energies to help someone make the longest journey of their life, from their head to their heart. Just like the natural flow of blood, the symphony of solfeggio frequencies and light vibrations pulse towards the heart  for a synthesis of effects !

In person Session 75.00

Remote Session done with photo  35.00

Let me custom build a Galactic Heart for you, 6500.00 plus delivery charges.

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Opening Your Galactic Heart


Making the longest journey of a lifetime, from your head to your heart is the core of Galactic Heart design.  Our negative emotions serve as soldiers guarding our heart keeping us from being in that heart space. The chromotherapy of the lights and crystals working with the 5 Elements, Wood, Water, Metal, Earth, and Fire to clear the meridians of the body.  The energy of the body is a harmonious balance of these elements.  Using the chromotherapy to balance the elements will  assist in lifting these old  emotional energies so they can be released easily and gently.

The medicine wheel brings in the energy of the four directions and our ancestors while representing your souls journey.  The word pyramid is translated to “fire in the middle”, keeping incoherent energies out and enhancing our own galactic “fire in the middle” coherent heart energy connection.  The added gemstones make a subtle shift to the pyramid enhancing the healing energies.


The music has been custom composed for the Galactic Heart experience.  Utilizing many audio tools known for hacking the brain to allow a surreal experience.  We use isochronic beats as well as  other audio cues to create the brainwave entrainment and heart coherence.   And just like John Lennon’s famous song “Imagine” the audio has been transposed to 528 hz, the love frequency.  The Bose speakers are also  designed for you to hear the real tones and the fullness of the audio acoustic experience.


This is a very new subject, with very old roots.  Some believe that chromotherapy began in Atlantis.  The use of colors in medicine has been used for centuries especially  in Atlantis, Lemuria, Greece, Egypt, China, India, and by Native Americans. When using chromotherapy, I suggest that you know your  material, listen to the person you are working with, and work from your heart.  Chromo quite simply means color, deriving from the Greek work khroma. Light and color assist in balancing our emotional, mental, and spiritual well being, we can create harmony within the physical body. When these changes take place, the space is being held where miracles can occur.

Everyone who has honored me with their entire person, looking for change, have experienced welcome changes. In some cases, there have been immediate and  dramatic effects.  Frequency healing techniques are not for everyone, just for those  who are willing to transcend the emotions that have caused their energies to be blocked.  The therapy is very subtle, but the results can be  dramatic and profound. This                transformational system can quickly and effectively clear years of blocked energy from the body and mind associated with past trauma and negative emotions.  Many experience blocks and patterns in the body that have been held for years, clearing in minutes.


Holding our energy in  the heart space allows the infiniteness of our being to be realized.  From there anything is possible.


Every living thing functions on an electro-chemical energy system. This means that,  in addition to the chemical vascular/muscular system, you also have an electrically operated nervous system. This electrical system is controlled by chemicals called neurotransmitters.  There are many different kinds of  neurotransmitters. Some cause the electrical signals  to fire, some inhibit electrical signals, and others speed up, slow down, change the frequency, and store energy.  The abundance and use of a specific neurotransmitter depends on need, health, mood, food, and emotional balance of the body.  The  neurotransmitters and the chemical building blocks for them are stored principally in the spinal column where appropriate transmitters are sent to the brain or body as need arises.


The body also sends out electrical signals of varying frequency and strength.  Because  the body is a  biological system, the electrical signals will vary with the activity and health of the body/mind.  Electricity is transmitted by electrons, which have a left spin or a right spin.


We are constantly bombarded with frequencies and energies that we cannot see with the human eye.  I once heard it said, “If we could paint all of the transmissions from televisions, radio stations, cell phones and  microwaves so that we could see them,  they would all be outlawed.”  These energies have negative effects on the human biological system.  If the earthly transmissions were all we had to worry about, our bodies might be able to cope with the changes in our energy fields.  However, we are also bombarded with cosmic energy.  In the last few years, the sun has been highly active with solar flares sending much more radiation to the earth atmosphere than ever before. It is also a well known fact that the magnetic poles of the earth are changing.  Albeit, a natural phenomenon, it negatively affects the human energy system.


If you have too much chaos in your energy field, resulting in blockages you may be experiencing: Joint Swelling, clumsiness, impaired vision and/or hearing, a “hyper” nervous system, resulting in an overall mental “tenseness”; fogginess in thinking, losing thoughts, words; communication difficulties; feelings of tingling, skin “crawling”; feeling ungrounded, light-headed; not “in touch” with lower body; leg or foot cramps; heaviness on left side  or head; neck and shoulder stiffness or pain, and extreme tiredness, muscle tightening, chronic pain, and a lack of motivation, worry,  anxiety, depression and/or confusion.


Many people know of the seven main charkas of the body, but Chinese medicine indicates there are over 350 charkas, more commonly known as acupuncture points, which conduct  the electrical flow of the body.  When we impair acupuncture points, it is like throwing a resistor in our circuitry, thus changing the frequency of the energy flowing through the body.  This imbalance commonly results in painful conditions, which serve as a warning, to the systems damage that could be soon to follow if the problem is not corrected.

In an effort to protect itself, when the body is experiencing chronic pain the nervous  system will stop sending messages of pain (neurotransmitters) to the brain. This body response is called the pain spasm, pain cycle.  The pain has not gone away, the body just ”feels” it less.  In the meanwhile, underneath that pain spasm, pain cycle, trigger points are developing, blockages are beginning to occur though out the meridian, and the muscle is becoming ischemic. Next, the facia will harden, then affecting adjacent muscles,  their origins and insertions.


Traditionally, the treatment of these conditions by Western Medicine, has been to use shots, mainly, cortisone, surgery, muscle relaxors, anti-inflammatories, ultra-sound, and ice.  Traditionally, the treatment of these conditions by Eastern Medicine has been to use trigger point therapy with force, acupuncture with     needles, herbs, ice, heat, and massage.


There is a color code in everything  2 1 2 . 888 

J.J. Hurtak in The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch.)


Every cell in the body emits light and therefore its components, color. Thus, color may be employed to adjust bodily functions using light.  A beam of light is concentrated on the body, similar to acupuncture yet without needles, utilizing meridians and energy channels.  This introduces corrective information triggering balancing and healing impulses in  physical and emotional states. This work is subtle because it is difficult to perceive them with our senses.

Around each living cell is a biophoton of light and it is this light that enables the cells to communicate. The frequency of the color is passed down the meridians affecting specific parts of the body and brain.







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