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DNA Clearing

DNA Clearing The DNA clearing map is highly effective for removing unhealthy and devitalizing patterns from our DNA.  This will be of great benefit to you to get rid

Advanced DNA Charts

Advanced DNA Charts In addition to the DNA Mapping, which is the foundation of the DNA work, there are also the Advanced DNA Charts where you choose the assistance of any of t

Ear Spiralling

Ear Spiralling When we are aligned with our core, the accuracy and volume of our intuition and psychic abilities increase. This healing modality, via the Spiral ear healing techni


  DNA MAPS   DNA is the basic building block for all organic beings. DNA tells our cells what to create and replicate in our bodies. The Curanderos lineage teaches that o

Soul Journey 1: Clearing & Realignment

SOUL JOURNEY 1 Clearing & Realignment Are you stuck in the same patterns, relationships, jobs or choices in life? Run up against the same or similar challenges over and over? F

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Sacred Cacao Ceremony –  Opening the Door to Personal Transformation Traditionally prepared ceremonial cacao is a magical and sacred treat.  It is not at all like drinkin

Green Magick

Green Magick Duration : 2-days in English  Method : In person workshop or online Material : Manual included  Different types of magic are associated with different colours. B