Light Language (Part 2): Sacred Geometry to Detach and Cleanse

September 30, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Light Language: Sacred Geometry

As mentioned in the previous blog post, Light Language (Part 1): Sacred Geometry to Seal in Healing, Light Language is the combination of geometry and color – creating qualities, essences and messages that our subconscious mind is already trained to receive and understand.

As a universal language, Light Language transcends the spoken word. Geometrical shapes and color rays are all around us in every form in the Universe. They carry a frequency energy that is both seen and felt by all living beings. At the heart of it all – math! And math has been accepted as our Earthly universal language, as well as being theorized as the way to communicate with Extraterrestrial beings.

A SPHERE is a geometric shape that means “choice and creation” in sacred geometry. Think of a beach ball, round and smooth on the surface: if you were sitting in the center of the ball, you would have 360 degrees of surface surrounding you in all directions. The center of a sphere is the focus point, and all energies related to that focus or in support of that focus are attracted by the 360 degrees of surface points. This means that for whatever the focus is in your life, using a sphere helps to have 360 degrees of possible choices.

A sphere, like a beach ball, also ‘rolls,’ creating movement and smooth transition. If you feel stuck in an area of your life, a sphere can help get things moving.

Spheres (with specific colors) are fantastic for:

  • Bringing a team into creative ‘togetherness’ on a project
  • Jump-starting a stagnant or new business
  • Enhancing the flow of communications

We would not want to choose a sphere shape when our life choices are overwhelming us, or if our client is already having great difficulty making decisions. Remember, this is to ‘get the ball rolling’!

Many of us are feeling a great need to cleanse and purify our bodies, our relationships, our mental beliefs and to clean out things from our physical space. A good choice to assist in this deep process is the TURQUOISE SPHERE.


This Turquoise Sphere is placed over the entire person, sitting in their auric field.

Place a Turquoise Sphere around yourself or your client when you desire to bring in 360 degrees of cleansing and emotional detachment from relationships, objects and mental beliefs that are not in your highest good. Perhaps you are trying to move past mental worrying, or holding onto items from a love relationship break-up? The Turquoise Sphere will assist in bringing in choices to cleanse and release these stagnant patterns, and it gets the energy moving in a gentle manner.

Another benefit of using the color Turquoise is that it helps us to create self-worth and expand our self-esteem.


Setting our Light Language shape & color is not a long process. Simply think it – see it in your mind – and hold that image for a few seconds. It will be set in place and you are done!

A Turquoise Sphere set in place to assist us in cleansing, detaching, and creating self-worth will last anywhere from 1 to 7 days.

PART 3 – Look for the next article on how to use Sacred Geometry to amplify your best qualities!

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