Light Language (Part 1): Sacred Geometry to Seal in Healing

September 5, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Light Language: Sacred Geometry

“Light Language” is the combination of colored Light (what we know as the color spectrum) and Sacred Geometry (geometrical, dimensional shapes), creating a cosmic language that is understood by the Higher Realms and our subconscious.

Every thought carries LIGHT, and Light Language is a structured conversation between our human energy systems and the universe around us. As geometrical shapes and colors enter our brain pathways, we receive messages from our Spirit Guides, from the people around us and from the physical earth. sacred geometry and person image

In turn, we can learn to emanate (send out) this sacred geometry as a clear intention message to assist in attracting and shaping the energies we choose to interact with, and what we choose to manifest in relationships, career, and personal growth.

Let’s Learn About the Cube!

A CUBE is a strong geometric shape in sacred geometry, as it contains and restricts energies. Imagine you are filling a box with items from your home. Certain items will fit easily like clothing, because they are flexible. Other items, however, will come up against the hard corners of the box, and there is a ‘restricted’ feeling since the box does not stretch.

A great example of ‘cube’ energy is the average house. Our homes tend to be a cube design, and this represents stability; an anchoring of four corners to the earth. We know that our homes contain our physical belongings as well as our emotional, mental, and spiritual energies. And remember, a home blocks out (excludes) other forms of energy, such as nature, the sounds of the street, and strangers.

A great time to use a cube (with a color) is:

  • To stabilize and compact the energy healing from a session (keep it in)
  • To maintain balance with what is already in place in our lives
  • To block out certain energies (not allowing them in)

Since a cube stabilizes and keeps energies inside, we would not want to use it at certain times, such as when we (or our clients) are experiencing chaos in daily living, feeling mental confusion, or when in the midst of emotional trauma.

Use a Cube to Seal Healing In

A GREEN CUBE will assist us (or our client) in maintaining balance and stabilizing healing that was received in a session. To keep the healing in, imagine a GREEN CUBE around yourself or your client after the healing session when there is an expansion of peace and ease. Note: this is for the person who received the healing, not the practitioner who facilitated the healing.

Green Cube is placed over entire person, sitting in their auric field.

Green Cube is placed over entire person in the auric field.


Setting our Light Language shape & color is not a long process. Simply think it – see it in your mind – and hold that image for a few seconds. It will be set in place and you are done!

A Green Cube set in place to seal in the healing will last anywhere from 1 to 7 days.

PART 2 – Look for the next article on how to use Sacred Geometry to detach and cleanse our energy field!

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