How is your Aura positioned?

August 25, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Soul Journey

A person’s aura does not always sit in alignment with a person’s body. This mis-alignment can cause many issues and problems which keep people from living to their full potential. In Starr Fuente’s Aura Zone workshop you gain an understanding of the link between the positioning and coloring of the aura and learn the techniques and methods to bring a person’s aura back into alignment with their physical bodies. 

In addition to the powerful healing you will receive as a result of having your own aura centered, you will gain confidence in your ability to read auras. You will learn how to work with your primary sensing modality (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, knowing) to determine the misalignments of others. 

Aura Position: Centered

3 out of every 100 people are centered.


General Characteristics:
Centered individual.
Uses both sides of brain.
Seeks education.
Leadership qualities.

Needs: Appropriately takes care of their needs.

Measures success by: their internal changes.

Diseases: Social diseases, socially transmitted diseases, smallpox, flu’s, colds, measles, STD’s, herpes, whooping cough.


Supplements: Age-appropriate multi-vitamins and minerals, zinc (prevents cold symptoms and acne).

Gems and Minerals: Rutilated Quartz.

Bach Flower Remedies: Heather.

Colors: Blue, Green (especially), Yellow, White.

Shapes: Dodecahedron, Octahedron, Cube, Tetrahemihexahedron , Small Dodecicosadodecahedron

Archangel: Michael.

Tissue Salt: Ferrum Phosphate.

Tree: Olive.

Spirit Animals: Beaver, Bat.

Number: 22.

Direction: Heaven, Earth.

Foods: Garlic, Ginger, Lemon, Lime.

Herbs: Calendula, Lavender, Licorice, Goldenseal, Echinacea, Pau D’Arco.

Aura Position: Slightly Right

Plane: Rights tend to be in the mental plane. They go into their head a lot, and justify, reason things.

General Characteristics:
Quick to Support.

Needs: Tells people what they need. (like largely left)

Measures success by: how much people ask for their help.

Diseases: Stress-related diseases, upset stomach, back/shoulder/neck pain, hiatal hernia.


Supplements: Ginseng, Kava Kava, and B Vitamins.

Gems and Minerals: Emerald.

Bach Flower Remedies: Oak.

Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow.

Shapes: Cubitruncated Cuboctahedron, Snub Dodecadodecahedron.

Archangel: Zadkiel.

Tissue Salt: Natrium Phosphate.

Tree: Pine.

Spirit Animals: Cat, Dragon.

Number: 9.

Direction: West.

Foods: Honey, Ginger, Papaya.

Herbs: Goldenseal, Marshmallow, Aloe Vera, Red Clover, Slippery Elm.

Aura Position: Slightly Left


Left’s tend to be in the emotional plane. They take everything to heart.

General Characteristics:

Subtle feelings of life being unfair.
Blurred boundaries.
Selective listening.
Falls into depression.
Covert manipulation.

Needs: They ask for what they need.

Measures success by: how much other people worry about them.

Diseases: “Can’t assimilate” diseases.  Type II Diabetes, Zoloff-Prozac diseases, “can’t assimilate proteins”, can’t feel.


Supplements: All Enzymes, especially papaya, Chromium.

Gems and Minerals: Rose Quartz.

Bach Flower Remedies: Willow.

Colors: Green, Orange, Silver, Olive Drab.

Shapes: Double Spiral, Sphere, Great Icosadodecahedron (#54), Great Dodecahemicosahedron (#65).

Archangel: Uriel.

Tissue Salt: Natrium Muriaticum

Tree: Apple.

Spirit Animals: Rabbit, Dolphin.

Number: 3.

Direction: West.

Foods: Grapefruit, Kidney Beans, Lettuce.

Herbs: Bitter Melon, Bilberry, Aloe Vera, Salt Bush.

Aura Position: Up

Plane: Spiritual.

General Characteristics:

They are so spiritually-minded and of no earthly good.
Stuck in ideals or theory.
Not in his/her body a lot.
Daydreams a lot.
Has a hard time doing practical maintenance chores.
Thinks that the angels or God will bring them what they need.

Needs: Denies needs.

Measures success by : the number of new theories and plans for the planet they can come up with. (eg. they can tell the president how to run the country, but they don’t have a pot to piss in.)

Diseases: Bone and muscle diseases.


Vitamins and Minerals: Calcium, Iron, Fluoride, and Magnesium.

Gems and Minerals: Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Apache Tears.

Bach Flower Remedies: Water Violet.

Colors: Red, Yellow, White, Lime.

Shapes: Cubitruncated Cuboctahedron (#16), Great Truncated Cuboctahedron (#20).

Archangel: Sandalphon.

Tissue Salt: Calcium Phosphate.

Tree: Oak.

Spirit Animals: Horse, Weasel.

Number: 4.

Direction: Earth.

Foods: Nuts, Broccoli.

Herbs: Parsley, Black Cohosh, Kava Kava, St. John’s Wort, Horsetail.

Aura Position: Down

Plane: Physical.

General Characteristics:
Too grounded.
Set in their ways.
Gets stuck easily.
Could be a collector.

Needs: Never thinks they have enough of what they need.

Measures success by: material plane (creates disorganization or over-organization on the material plane – eg. all tools are meticulously organized, but they never use them).

Diseases: Respiratory allergies.


Vitamins and Minerals: Vitamins C and K, oregano oil (to cleanse parasites).

Gems and Minerals: Quartz or Celestite.

Bach Flower Remedies: Beech.

Colors: Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange.

Shapes: Cylinder, Sphere, Pyramid, Dodecahedron, Octahedron, Truncated Cube (#9), Great Cubicuboctahedron (#14), Great Icosadodecahedron.

Archangel: Raphaei.

Tissue Salt: Kalium Muriaticum.

Tree: Birch.

Spirit Animals: Dragonfly, Eagle.

Number: 7.

Direction: Heaven.

Foods: Garlic, Onion.

Herbs: Echinacea, Burdock, Nettles, Dandelion, Marigold, Goldenseal, Gingko Biloba.

Aura Position: Largely Right

Plane: Rights tend to be in the mental plane. They go into their head a lot, and justify, reason things.

General Characteristics:
Control issues; tries to dominate situation.

Needs: “Demands” what they need.

Measures success by: how many people they can get to need them. (eg. “cat lady”)

Diseases: High blood pressure, ulcers, addictions.


Supplements: Olive Leaf, Valerian Root, Dong Quai, Flaxseed.

Gems and Minerals: Sapphire.

Bach Flower Remedies: Vine.

Colors: Dark Cyan, Purple, White, Yellow.

Shapes: Cylinder, Sphere, Dodecahedron, Truncated Icosahedron (#25), Truncated Dodecahedron (#26).

Archangel: Sandalphon.

Tissue Salt: Natrium Sulphate.

Tree: Chestnut.

Spirit Animals: Deer, Frog.

Number: 2.

Direction: East.

Foods: Apples, Oats, Onions.

Herbs: Alfalfa, Chamomile, Parsley, Cayenne, Ginseng, Passion Flower.

Aura Position: Largely Left

Plane: Left’s tend to be in the emotional plane. They take everything to heart.

General Characteristics:
Tendency to be a taker.
Back Stabber.
Thinks the world owes him/her a living.
Poverty consciousness.
No boundaries.
Strongly opinionated.
Leans toward mental illness.

Needs: Tells people what they need.

Measures success by: the amount of tension and energy other people give them.

Diseases: “Can’t get enough” diseases. Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s Disease, Epstein-Barr, Chronic Fatigue.


Supplements: Garlic, cayenne, vitamin D, antioxidants.

Gems and Minerals: Rhodochrosite.

Bach Flower Remedies: Olive (Epstein-Barr)

Herbs: Burdock root, dandelion, Echinacea, goldenseal, garlic, nettle, pau d’arco, sicklepod, starflower, valerian.

Colors: Yellow, Red, Lawn Green.

Shapes: Dodecahedron, Icosahedron, Octahedron, Small Rhombihexahedron (#18), Truncated Octahedron (#8).

Archangel: Michael.

Tissue Salt: Calcium Fluoride.

Tree: Cedar.

Spirit Animals: Buffalo, Armadillo.

Number: 5.

Direction: Heaven.

Foods: Nuts.

Aura Position: Möbius

(Crosses at the solar plexus). 1 out of 100,000 people is a Möbius.

Planes: All of them.

General Charac teristics:
Master of both worlds.
Can be a student or a teacher, leader or follower.
Flexible, adaptable, polyglot, sometimes ambidextrous.
Sees the spiritual and physical world at the same time.
Has the capacity to manifest spiritually and materially.
Changes other lives.

Needs: Source provides their needs.

Measures success by: transformation in self and others.

Disease: Gets disease as a lesson. All diseases are lessons for this person. Uses their body to transport their group (it’s their stuff, but not all their stuff.)

Disadvantages: They can get stuck in one loop or the other (the material or spiritual plane; if in spiritual plane, they can tend to be stuck in their head). 


Supplements: Multi-vitamin.

Gems and Minerals: Colored Diamonds.

Bach Flower Remedies: Rescue Remedy.

Colors: Pearlescent, Gold, Silver, Copper.

Shapes: Great Truncated Icosidodecahedron (#68), Great Dirhombicosidodecahedron (#75).

Archangel: Metatron.

Tissue Salt: Kalium Sulphate.

Tree: Walnut.

Spirit Animals: Turtle, Butterfly, Eagle.

Number: 11.

Direction: All directions.

Foods: Chocolate.

Herbs: Garlic, Cayenne.

Aura Position: Forward

Plane: Astral (the plane is the plane that the person lives in – their ideas, thoughts, and relationship to actuality are all here.).

General Characteristics:
Lives in the future.
Tends to miss a step (both physically and logically).
Can’t stay on a budget.
Thinks ahead.
Does not apologize.

Needs: Has their needs met by fantasy. Settles for 2nd best.

Measures success by: how many possibilities they have access to (how many deals are in the pot.)

Diseases: Heart disease, sensory organ diseases (eyes, ears, nose, and throat).


Supplements: Spirulina, Garlic.

Gems and Minerals: Calcite, Golden Topaz, Citrine.

Bach Flower Remedies: Clematis.

Colors: Tomato, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple.

Shapes: Cylinder, Dodecahedron, Double Spiral, Octahedron, Sphere, Tetrahemihexahedron (#4).

Archangel: Gabriel.

Tissue Salt: Magnesium Phosphate.

Tree: Beech.

Spirit Animals: Wolf, Mouse.

Number: 8.

Direction: North.

Foods: Asparagus, Raisins, Carrots.

Herbs: Gingko, Chamomile, Turmeric, Yarrow, Ging

Aura Position: Backward

Plane: Backwards tend to be in the Causal Plane. 

General Characteristics:
Lives in the past.
They want a position, not a job.
Has a tendency to be disorderly.
One-upmanship (every time you tell a story, they have a “better” story from the past.)
Learns from the mistakes of others, without having to make the same mistake.

Needs: Get their needs met the same way every time.

Measures success by: following a routine or habitual ritual (we’ve done it this way for 50 years, we’re going to keep doing it this way.) 

Diseases: Glandular and Reproductive, Alzheimer’s.


Supplements: Selenium, Iodine.

Gems and Minerals: Ruby, Garnet.

Bach Flower Remedies: Honeysuckle.

Colors: Green, Red, White, Purple.

Shapes: Double Spiral, Pyramid, Sphere, Icosahedron, Cylinder, Dodecahedron, Cube.

Archangel: Zadkiel.

Tissue Salt: Kalium Phosphate.

Tree: Maple.

Spirit Animals: Otter, Crow.

Number: 1.

Direction: East.

Foods: Almonds.

Herbs: Dong Quai, Gotu Kola, Kelp, Red Raspberry, Grape Seed Extract.