Robin Morlock

Kansas, USA

Robin Morlock, Spiritual Alchemist, Intuitive Healer & Teacher

As a metaphysical & Intuitive Healer and Teacher, Robin has over twenty years of extensive training in Christian Mysticism, Vedanta, Mayan Shamanism and Energy Healing. Robin walks in both worlds; science and the sacred. She embraces modern technology and scientific research while anchoring Divine Light in every step. This blend of discovery and enlightenment brings forth her no-nonsense style of action with compassion for every person’s struggle to align with their life’s deepest meaning. As a Spiritual Alchemist, Robin facilitates movement from the outer world to the inner realm, assisting clients & students to find clean, clear alignment with life purpose and fulfillment. Robin works in energetic cooperation with her clients for recognition of their grids of attraction – what is held emotionally & energetically in place. Clients discover how to seamlessly weave their gifts and LIGHT into new potentials of healthy relationships, consistent prosperity, joyful living, renewed vitality, and bountiful creativity!


Robin classes are informative, transformative, and fun – both in-person and online. Robin’s mission is to inspire, anchor Light, and assist others to blossom in their Soul purpose.


Classes & Sessions offered include:

  • Soul Journey 1 & 2
  • Luminous Consciousness Brain Activations
  • Luminous Consciousness Energetic Face Lift
  • Spirit Guides
  • Dreams: Recall, Lucid and Travel
  • Heart Centered Check-In
  • Archaeology of the Soul
  • Increasing Your Impact!
  • Dimensions: Open Your Psychic Gift
  • Angel Blessing & Initiation
  • Usui & Karuna Reiki: Hands-on Healing


Robin offers classes in-person and over Skype. Classes are offered in group formats and as individual in-depth sessions.

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