A very talented healer.

Jeffrey has been diligently studying and practicing alternative healing for 18 years.


A talented and generous healer, Jeffrey has studied with some of the world’s best healers, coaches and intuitive readers. Guided by Spirit, Jeffrey brings a carefully curated set of tools to each session. Each session is bespoke and specifically designed to meet your needs. Jeffrey holds an LLB from the National University of Singapore.


Jeffrey wishes to honour his teachers, including:

Daniel Darby / Helen Forty – Crystal Winds Healing

Stella Fuentes, Selena Rodriguez, Sioux Storm, and the Curanderos lineage

CK Lee

Elisabeth Jensen / Sri Mulyadi – Auset Temple Healing

Taveta K Grant – Awakenings

Sri Kaleshwar  / Monika / Nityaananda / Gary – Divine Lineage

Simon Kee / Chu Ming Hui – Munay Ki

And all other teachers, living and in spirit.






.Class 1: Divine Intervention Year: 2017

Class 2: DNA 1-3 Year: 2017

Class 3: Lightweave Year: 2016

Class 4: Advanced LL Year: 2015

Class 5: Basic LL and Intermediate LL Year: 2014



I use LL (all levels), DNA healing (Basic, Advanced, Strand maps), DI.


Studied Under:

Selena Rodriguez

Sioux Storm

Jaime Shine


Madeline Yong


I am currently studying to be a DI Teacher under Sioux Storm, to be completed in August 2018.