Anna Mae Penland
70d512a3-4fee-4090-9a1e-5073b467ab34Anna Mae Penland
Intuitive Healer & Medical Massage Therapist


Anna Mae has over 30 years of experience in both allopathic and holistic healing fields.  She has helped transition thousands of patients to pain-free living through medical massage therapy, lymph drainage therapy, deep tissue/trigger point therapy and energetic healing.


As an Intuitive Healer and Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, Anna Mae receives guidance from the Angelic Realm to energetically scan her client’s physical and energetic body systems to locate imbalance, blockages, and illness. A healing session with Anna Mae includes energetic healing as well as guidance on how to bring the body back to balance; physical changes, diet recommendations, use of essential oils, crystals, singing bowls, and more.

With extensive training in essential oils, vitamins and minerals, Anna Mae provides appropriate holistic treatment for her client’s return to health and balance.


With a passion for healing and a gentle heart, Anna Mae’s approach is often referred to as “the large compassionate whoosh of the Angels flying in!” Information is direct, clear and concise during a session combined with powerful energetic healing. Clients always leave with immediate action steps for assisting their return to vitality.



  • Intuitive Body Scan & Healing
  • Breaking False Truths
  • Healing with the Angels
  • Reiki
  • Energetic House Cleaning


Anna Mae offers powerful healing classes and sessions both locally and over Skype. For local healing work, Anna Mae is located in the Portland, Oregon area. Distance sessions for U.S. clients may also be completed by telephone.


Anna Mae can be reached at or (503) 752-3657.

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