Aleene [Ale’] Kann

Aleene [Alunnamed-1e’] Kann, A.S., B.S., Ordained Minister

South Carolina, USA


“Owner – Operator of Life Adventurer”

 ‘The Carrier of “Seraph Outrider Spirit’ from Mayan Healing, the S.O.S. calling “Source” The “Seraph” is one Seraphim Angel in the Hierarchy of Angels.  Seraphim Angels are the “Throne Cleaners of God” – they are the six winged angels mentioned in the Bible.  Usually referred to as “the burning one” & belonging to highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardor & purity.  She studied with Kimberly Marooney in CA & received a Ministry Degree with the Order of the Seraphim.  The “Outrider” is a guide; an escort; a forerunner; one that goes in advance to discover the way; a scout.  Spirit, of course, is my soul, my breath of life, the energy of my being.   


Ale’ Kann is a third generation Angel Reader.  Her Maternal Grandmother during the 1920’s traveled the Atlantic Coast Railroad giving hope & comfort to travelers during the corrupt times before the depression in America with a Deck of Cards & “Angel Spirits.”  Ale’ grew up with these “imaginary friends” seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, knowing, they were real!


With little encouragement from her biological mother, Ale’ sought out mentors & teachers who directed her independent thirst for knowledge, animals, and the Universe.  Her professional career took her to study Education Administration.  After retiring and while training for a Marathon in Liberty Hill, TX, “Source” introduced her to Divine Intervention.  Ale’ found her home.


Since 2010, Ale’ has been learning Divine Intervention, Light Language I, II, III, DNA I, II, III, Ordained Ministry, Dimensional Mastery . . . just to name a few of the classes from Mayan Healing Linage.  Her education continues daily as she is a Professional Student of Source.


The “Angels” have “Gifted” her many Blessings to which Ale’ is very GRATEFUL!!!  She is an avid “Public Speaker” who enjoys entertaining as “I Love Lucy” or a motivational speaker who inspires audiences.  Ale’ is an Enthusiastic Adventurer who does individual or group trips. 


Ale’s favorite quote:  “No person who is enthusiastic about his work has anything to fear from Life.”    Samuel Goldwyn


Ale can be contacted at: