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As thoughts create your reality, the choice of your words create the way you manifest that reality. The choice of words direct the timeline [the time when the act will be manifested] and the quality of the manifestation. E-Prime is using the English language to facilitate the manifestation of a reality based on your knowledge of energy. It is the language that primes the energy. You choose your words on your perceptions of the energies moving along the timeline. Our brains are conditioned to judge energy from our past experiences. They seem to ignore and forget the reality that energy is in constant motion and that the only thing that is constant is change. 

Difficulties arise in our lives when we use language that matches the past or use statements which incorporate judgments from our reality to qualify the reality outside our brain. We create these difficulties when our patterns lead us to re-act rather than act.

Your choice of words will define what is unconsciously and sub-consciously going on in your world. Words will tell you where your perception and your reality don’t match. WHAT YOU SAY AND HOW YOU SAY IT WILL DETERMINE THE QUALITY, QUANTITY, AND TIMING OF MANIFESTING YOUR GOALS AND ENERGY.

I am trying to succeed. I am succeeding.

That is wrong. To me that is wrong.

I am willing to develop those goals. I am working on those goals.

I can’t do that. I won’t do that.

Some words that hamper the quality and timeline of your manifestations are, TRY, IS, WILLING, CAN’T.

“Try” does not manifest in the past. “I tried to call you yesterday.” Try rarely manifests in the future. It is not happening or not going to happen. “Try” lets you know that choice or commitment has not been made to create the results that are being presented in that sentence.

The word “is” can be very blocking. “Is” sometimes comes from judgment rather than fact. She is sad. This person may be very scared and only your perception of her makes her sad.

“Is” limits your awareness and pigeon holes energies so that you do not observe them. This creates re-action in your life rather than acting on each situation as the energy calls for it. Instead use statements like the following:

“In my perception, she is sad.”

“It appears to me that she is sad.”

“I feel that she is sad.”

“Willing” is a word that does not touch your timeline. Even though it can open up many doors for you it does not manifest by itself. For example, “I am willing to own a white Rolls Royce.” This does not put a Rolls Royce in my driveway. Willing can be replaced by an action word, such as, “working on”. This means that you are having results whether they are physical or not.

“Can’t” is a word only limited by your physical limitations. “I can’t lift this case.” Whereas “Won’t” denotes choice. “I can’t be in Paris tomorrow.” If you won a contest, and you chose to arrange your life, even if you had to change a few agreements, you can be in Paris tomorrow. “Can’t” limits your choices. “Can’t suppresses your creativity and flexibility.

The energy of your words can either expand your reality or contract it by the energy that is focused with each word. If you choose to state that others can control your emotions and that you are not at choice, then you will have that experience. When you start taking responsibility for your perceptions and your state of being then you can choose to work with the energies rather than against them. Here are some statements that hamper your manifestations: “I don’t know. I have to. When I….”

“I don’t know” gives permission for your conscious mind to throw the questions away. “I am not sure” gives your sub-conscious and unconscious mind an opportunity to let you get the answer.

Many great lessons have been thrown away with the words, “I don’t know”. This statement is vital to anyone on the spiritual or metaphysical path because it creates a file for this information to go in at a later time.

The words, “I have to” give away your choice in a matter. Consider “I have to go to work.” versus, “I am going to work”. The “have” denotes that your choices are limited. This closes energies dealing with work choices and personal time. You may have a large number of agreements that you are keeping at this moment, so remember there is nothing that you have to do. All that you are doing is by choice and agreement. Own your ability and right to choose in life.

The use of a qualifier like “when” develops a weakness in your timeline. It undermines the statement without adding any information. This in turn loosens the timeline of the event or action which allows procrastination. Subconsciously it indicates a lack of commitment Use the word “after” which creates continuity in the timeline and focus for the energy.

Now that you have a basic idea how the energies of words go out into the universe and attract what you ask for, let us go into E-Prime more deeply.

The amount of energy expended can be perceived if you know what words really mean on a subconscious level. Here are some examples:







You may see a man cross the street our of the corner of your eye. Yet you really need to look at him to give details of his appearance. Our vision captures many things. Looking focuses the energy. Seeing is not as specific. Notice “I say Mary yesterday.” vs. ” I was with Mary yesterday.” Even though I may have spent hours with Mary, my choice of words tell that my focus was not there. Being with Mary, even though it may have been for a few minutes, shows that I was in the energy of Mary and aware.

The difference between hearing and listening is also focus. You can hear people in a restaurant talking. As you start to listen to them you will be able to make sense of their conversation. People will “hear you out”. They generally choose not to listen to you. Listen works hand and hand with intention and attention. Hearing denotes little specific focus.

You may watch a tennis match. A tennis player will observe

the match for techniques and to get information for his own game. Observing means that the information is going into a specific file in your mind. Watching has very little directed energy associated with it.

Feelings are in the “now”. Emotions are attached to patterns from the past and come with expectations. Feelings come from choice. Emotions come from a pattern. “I am feeling sad.” vs. “I had an emotion come up.” I get emotional any time I think of Joe’s death.”

This is E-Prime usage. Emotions are attached to the past. Feelings are what is happening right now. Calling a now time feeling an emotion, sabotages the connection between you and the energy of the feeling. It limits your ability to respond.

The word “think” shows that your mind is moving backwards and forwards on the timeline. The mind is making comparisons and judgments. Using the word “know” means you are certain. People who use the word “think” in excessive quantities manipulate energies easily to fit their patterns. “I think she is having an affair” and knowing she is having an affair by direct observation are a long distance apart. Statements that start with “I think” usually try to persuade another person.

Problems take work and energy to solve. They are not fun. A challenge is how we can stretch and grow. Challenges have excitement and adventure attached to them. You can choose to speak of your problems and have the energies that are attached to a problem, or you can choose to speak of your challenges and have the energies of a challenge. Know your words.

Most people are familiar with the saying, “Ask and you shall receive.” Here are some things that people ask for in their time lines:




Notice how each cliché can effect your timeline and bring energy into your future. Thoughts and words create your life’s energies. The vibrations of your actions go out into the universe and collect like energies and bring them into your future. Observe your speaking habits and choice of words. Use this basic knowledge of words to create more energy in your life. When your thoughts, words and actions are in harmony, your life’s energies will flow gently, easily and quickly. Create a list of words and phrases to replace your English with E-Prime. I like to give the “E” another meaning, Energy, ENERGY – PRIME.