Galactic Connection
August 25, 2016 Galactic Connection
E-Prime © 2005 Starr Fuentes As thoughts create your reality, the choice of your words create the way you manifest that reality. The choice of words direct the timeline [the time when the act will be... Read More
Bill of Lights 
Bill of Lights  © 2005 Starr Fuentes We shall follow no other law as to the use of our Light except the highest Integrity. Therefore, it is our responsibility to be clear, aware, kind and cultivate... Read More
Midwife to the Future 
August 24, 2016 Galactic Connection
Midwife to the Future  © 2005 Starr Fuentes There is a great amount of birthing going on at this particular time and space. We read about the future as The Earth Changes, Ascension, and E.T. Salvati... Read More