Bill of Lights 

August 25, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Galactic Connection

Bill of Lights 
© 2005 Starr Fuentes

We shall follow no other law as to the use of our Light except the highest Integrity. Therefore, it is our responsibility to be clear, aware, kind and cultivate our intuition. We shall have personal freedom from dogma, erroneous religious beliefs and ego, as well as the opinions of others. 

We shall seek success and completion by bringing body, mind, heart and soul together to fully cooperate for the highest light for all concerned. 

We shall be conscious of the effects that the “unlived lives” of our parents bestow on us, to live them out or to rebel against them. These choices are choices by default and prevent us from knowing our light. We will be aware of the choices of others that we took on as our own, and work to know ourselves and make choices from the heart, not for acceptance by others. 

We shall know that silence, prayer, meditation or a practice sets the foundations of our light. 

We shall know that love can only be accepted in the amount that one loves one’s self. To love others more than we love ourselves or give quantities of love that is greater than one loves himself or herself, is to bleed light. 

We shall find light in the darkest of situations, moments and acts. We shall cultivate the sparks of light into flames to push the darkness aside while learning the lessons. 

We shall know that what we resist and judge will be placed before us time and time again till the resistance and judgment cease to exist. 

We shall cease believing that pain, poverty, struggle and lack are qualities of spirituality. We will move through these lessons without rationalization and intellectualization, creating more space for light. 

We shall not settle for what is good for us ¾ we will always seek what is best for us. Second choices bleed light. 

We shall learn from the very differences in each other that the thread for the existence of light is held by all living creatures. 

We shall know that each thought, being intentional, casual, deep, light, humorous or emotional is a prayer. Each prayer calls for light or a lesson.