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The sacred Mayan knowledge regarding health and medicine that we at MayanHealers.com bring forth is a multifaceted blend of mind, body, sacred geometry, science and prayer.  We have obtained our knowledge through extensive education and dedicated practice of the healing arts.  We are modern day Curandera Shamans who act as mediums between the physical world and the spiritual dimensions for the purposes of healing. For centuries, the ancient Mayan people were accurate astronomers, DNA healers, hermetic masters and sacred geometry (Light Language) communicators. To this day, scientists have no answers for how the Mayan people were so advanced in these fields of study. This vast wisdom information has been passed down by teachings and through powerful energy grids, and as Mayan Curandera Healers, we offer transformational healing sessions and classes to assist with personal healing, spiritual initiations, and soul path purposeful living. Our lineage is known as the ‘math and science department’ of the Curandera lineage.  We do not use or encourage the use of drugs to cleanse and stimulate self-healing, but focus on the inner core workings of your being and psyche to achieve the cleansing, healing, and higher consciousness connection with your Higher Self.

We believe that all elements of the Universe work in integrated synchronicity with one another. Every element is an influence and a resource on all other elements; people, animals, plants, stones, sacred sites, planets, and more. We understand that dis~ease occurs when elements are out of balance.  We, at MayanHealers.com, see dis~ease within this context and have the knowledge and skills to guide our clients back to a healthier way of Being.

The healing work that each healer performs is done in a non-judgmental and compassionate manner. Your personal spiritual or religious path will be acknowledged and respected, as Mayan Curandera Healers understand that there are many pathways to wholeness.

If you are currently using traditional allopathic medicine, our work can be done as a complementary alternative along with your traditional therapies and treatments. If you are currently involved with traditional counseling (in any program), our work will gently assist and never deter your process.


As an international Divine Light Community, Mayan Curandera Healers at MayanHealers.com are dedicated to the healing of humanity and our planet. We take our work seriously, and as trusted, ethical, and authentic teachers & healers, we look forward to working with you, to bring about your much desired transformation to a healed and empowered YOU.

Every person on this planet can bring in the LIGHT, and so we become the luminescent stars in our own galaxy!



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