The Galactic Heart Experience

  The Galactic Heart resonance chamber is a combination of sacred geometry, color, light, customized audio, crystals, gemstones and medicine wheel energies to help someone ma


Mayan Sacred Geometry CATALAN SOLIDS Class can be taken via skype. Learn about the specific geometric shapes for Catalan Solids. Go through the process of identifying what would as

The Eternal Mobius

*The Eternal Mobius* The replication ability of the mobius is taken to a whole new level!  The Eternal Mobius is a mobius embodying two complete Intermediate Light Language grids

Mayan Sacred Geometry - The Advanced Torus

Class can be taken by skype. A torus is a three dimensional geometric shape formed with 144 concentric circles. It looks like a donut with a hole in the center and can work in at

Light Language Manifestation Grid

Light Language is the ancient Mayan cosmic language of manifestation! Sacred Geometry forms the 49-shaped Light Language grid to send a signal to the universe on our behalf!

Cord Cutting

Hundreds of invisible energetic cords exist and connect you with the people, places, and things around you. All cords consistently influence your energy. Whatever matters or has ma

VOW Removal

Vows may be actively interfering in your life by keeping you from being all you can be today. In this training you will learn to break/remove the energetic hold or past vows you h